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A Bet You ALWAYS Win – How Sports Betting Arbitrage Works

For example, in a boxing match, the US champ will, of course be favored by the US bookies, but the UK challenger will be prime bet at the UK bookies. &#13


So ok, you know the risks, but how does it actually perform? Let’s go back to the US election in between Bush and that Herman Munster guy, the Democrat fella with the extended face (Kerry? Curry?). It performs even within the US too – a Varsity football match, for example, may perhaps come across the out of state group providing you an opportunity to arbitrage within the property team state depending on the demographics of the shoppers applying two US on the net bookies.&#13

A Bet You Often Win – How Sports Betting Arbitrage Operates

by: Kevin Schultz&#13&#13


Betting arbitrage is a strategy of building a bet that has a zero danger – in other words, you often win! The notion of ‘arbitrage’ comes from the economic world, and describes the activities of traders who obtain two different places providing the exact same trade, but at distinctive costs. Often, the differences are deliberate. No one particular knew for positive which way it would go. Ordinarily the difference will be little. But what you could have done is put on a bet with UK bookie Coral that Kerry would win, and the odds they would give you would have been six/4 (i.e. Every single on the internet betting website has to keep it really is personal ‘book’, and it would be a strange world certainly if they all had the exact same quantity of punters, all m88 betting the very same way and the exact same quantity, which means they all had to supply the very same odds!&#13

How frequently does this take place? Rather a lot. Just exploit the difference. The distinction among the odds presented by two bookies, and exploited by an arbitrageur, may perhaps only amount to a fraction of a %, meaning that you may perhaps have to wager a number of thousand dollars to win 5 bucks. Also, accounts of this size are viewed with some suspicion by the bookies – they will want to know that you aren’t (for instance) revenue laundering.&#13

At the same time, your fave US bookie may have given you odds of 6/four on Bush! That suggests if you took each bets, you are betting (risking) $1,600, but will win $two,000 What ever the result! Simple funds or what? Bank a cool $400 for nothing at all.&#13

The advent of on line betting sites meant that the punter could all of a sudden check prices at a multitude of distinctive locations pretty immediately, and open bets at those that had ‘slipped’ out of line. As you recall, it was close. The most important issue is the size of the account you require to make a useful profit. They then exploit this distinction by promoting in a single place and obtaining in the other. a US 1.5 – bet $800, return $two,000).&#13


Keyword Search&#13&#13


&#13&#13 &#13. Nothing at all incorrect with that, you assume? Not if the bet is one hundred% assured? But what about if thru the vagaries of the world wide web, you handle to get one particular side of the bet on at the suitable odds, but not the other? You are left holding a Substantial position.

Mr Schultz is a writer for ( bet web-site an archive of no cost tips and trix for betting fans, exactly where he concentrates on sports betting guidelines.&#13&#13


This short article was posted on February 10, 2005&#13&#13

&#13&#13&lt&lt Back to “Recreation And Sports” Index

Commonly, you can bet threat cost-free on any sporting occasion with either 2 or three outcomes, such as Football, Baseball, Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Golf, Snooker, Cricket, Hockey, Ice Hockey and Darts. That is why you will need substantial accounts.&#13

About The Author

So how does 100% winners, no danger sound? Groovy, huh? But there are, of course, difficulties. The same factor applies to betting arbitrage, normally on sporting events. Are the odds generally as good as in the example? No. Whatever occurs to value, they make a profit on the difference in between the original 2 rates. By exploiting the inefficiencies of some brokers, a win can therefore be guaranteed Read More

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Biggest Wins in Soccer History

The star of the game was Du?an Bajevi?, who went on to score 5 goals for Yugoslavia. The hosts treated the cheering crowd at the Philips Stadion to 11 goals. SOE coach Zaka Be instructed his team to shoot self goals in protest against a refereeing decision that affected SOE in a previous playoff. Drogba netted 3 for Chelsea.

In a UEFA Euro 1984 Group 7 qualifying m88 game held in Seville, Spain, on December 21, 1983, Spain pounded a dozen goals into the opposition’s net, conceding just 1 goal themselves. On April 11, 2001, playing a qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup, Australia demolished American Samoa by pumping in 31 goals into their net. Alan Shearer was the star for Newcastle United, netting 5 goals into the opposition’s net. Goal!

This one was a Group 3 match played in the Brazil Independence Cup on June 14, 1972. This could have been a record, as the referee had awarded 37 goals, but Dundee, in an act of honesty, were adamant that they had netted only 35. With two-third ball possession, and more than 3 times shots on goal as compared to their opponents, Chelsea handed Aston Villa their worst ever defeat in Premier League history.

The Greatest Footballer Ever

In his career that spanned over 2 decades, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, popularly known as Pelé, scored 1,279 goals-the most by any soccer player ever.Soccer is also known as football in most parts of the world. In a match played on September 12, 1885, in Arbroath, Scotland, 3 dozen goals were scored by Arbroath against Bon Accord. In a qualifying match for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Bahrain took on Indonesia on February 29, 2012, in Riffa, Bahrain. Mfum scored 5 goals, while Edward Acquah netted 4 goals for the winners.

Biggest International Wins

Biggest Premier League Wins

Biggest Club Wins

Biggest International Wins

Talking about genuine records as far as club matches are concerned, this one should top the list. David Villa scored a hat-trick for Spain.

World Football’s Biggest Victories

On October 31, 2002, in a Champions League playoff match in Madagascar, AS Adema beat their arch rivals Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne (SOE) by a world record margin of 149 goals, without having to even do anything by themselves. Still, there are some records in soccer that have stood for ages.

Here’s all about the biggest wins in soccer history, broken down into international, premier league, and club matches.

This Premier League game was played on March 4, 1995, at Old Trafford, Manchester. It became a record-winning margin by any team in the European Championships. Aaron Hughes, Kieron Dyer, and Gary Speed completed the tally with a goal each.

This was a match in the 1975 Pan American Games. For the Spurs, Jermain Defoe scored 5 goals, to give his team a resounding win.. In the first 5 minutes itself, Brazil was 3 goals up, and at the end of the match, the highest scorer was Luís Alberto, with 4 goals to his credit.

On the same day as the game above, September 12, 1885, Dundee pumped in 35 goals against Aberdeen Rovers. Santillana, top scored with 4 goals, and helped Spain top their group.

This is the biggest win ever in an international soccer match. FIFA ran an investigation regarding this match, since Indonesia fielded a weak side in this game. James Park on September 19, 1999, this Premier League game saw Newcastle United record their biggest win ever. This title ended Manchester United’s three-season reign as champions. Surprisingly, Tahiti held ground for half an hour, before Spain opened the floodgates and ran away with the match. Well, no doubt this is an understatement. The unbelievable thing here was, Kenya were the ones who took the lead in just the 3rd minute of the match. Robin van Persie top scored for the winners, netting 4 goals in the match.

This Premier League game was played on May 9, 2010 at Stamford Bridge. 5 other players scored a goal each to take Yugoslavia’s tally to double figures.

This match was played in Serravalle, San Marino, on September 6, 2006, as a qualifier for Euro 2008. Commonly known as the ‘Soccer Massacre’, this dozen-goal hammering is Ghana’s biggest victory in an international encounter. Every day, there is a soccer match going on somewhere or the other around the world. Osei Kofi and Kofi Pare top scored with 4 goals each.

Spurs biggest ever win in the Premier League came in Tottenham, London, in this match played on November 21, 2009. Carlos Alonso González, a.k.a. Australia’s Archie Thompson netted a record 13 goals for his team, while David Zdrilic scored 8.

Played at St. No single player dominated the game(, and there were 8 different players from France who found the opposition’s net in this 10-to-nothing thumping.

This was an Oceania Football Confederation match that was played in Adelaide Australia, on June 4, 2004, where New Zealand battered the Tahitians with 10 goals. Nevertheless, this stands as a Guinness Record, but saw the suspension of the coach, along with 4 players from the team for some time.

This was a Euro 2012 Qualifying match that was played in Eindhoven, Netherlands, on September 2, 2011. Chelsea clinched the Premier League title after thrashing Wigan by 8 goals. Lukas Podolski top scored with 4 goals, and San Marino were knocked out from the tournament.

In a match played in Nairobi, Kenya, on December 12, 1965, Ghana overpowered hapless Kenya by 13 goals to 2. Obviously, later on, they regretted doing so, on hearing the result between Arbroath and Bon Accord.

Records are meant to be broken, although milestones like these aren’t toppled easily. Andy Cole scored a Premier League record of 5 goals for Manchester United.

Biggest Premier League Wins

Again, Tahiti at the receiving end! In this June 20, 2013 Confederations Cup match, World Champions Spain toyed around with the Tahitians on their way to scoring 10 goals. Read More

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Marco Reus is ‘top of Barcelona’s summer transfer list’ with Borussia Dortmund star ready to ‘take the leap’

Barcelona are known admirers of Borussia Dortmund forward Marco ReusThe Germany international is reportedly top of Barca’s summer transfer listMundo Deportivo claim the 26-year-old is keen on a move to the Nou CampByNicholas Godden for MailOnline

Published: 09:25 GMT, 9 October 2015 | Updated: 11:17 GMT, 9 October 2015

Barcelona are preparing a 22million move for Borussia Dortmund forward Marco Reus for next summer, according to reports in Spain.

The Spanish giants are long-term admirers of the Germany international and believe a deal can be struck to bring Reus to the Nou Camp at the end of this m88 season.

Mundo Deportivo is reporting on Friday that Barcelona technical director Robert Fernandez is working on two lists of transfer targets – players that the club will move for in January with a view to strengthening the squad this season and a longer-term targets that could arrive in the summer.

Marco Reus is keen on a move to Barcelona and tops the Catalan’s summer transfer list (left)

Reus, 26, falls into the second category and the Spanish paper claim that he is ready to ‘take the leap’ to join the European champions for the 2016-17 season.

The Barcelona-based newspaper make reference to the close relationship between Barca goalkeeper and compatriot Reus with the pair regularly exchanging messages of support, they claim.

‘The versatile player, who is hungry for titles, is friends with Ter Stegen and Madrid wanted him in the summer,’ write Mundo Deportivo.

The paper also confirmed that a deal to bring Celta Vigo forward Nolito back to Barcelona is all but done with the player possessing all the qualities Luis Enrique likes in a player: ‘Loyalty, dedication, sacrifice and quality.’

The Portuguese front pages feature celebration pictures after the national team sealed their Euro 2016 place

The other big news in Barcelona on Friday is star forward Lionel Messi’s ‘Legal war,’ which is the headline on Sport.

Messi will have to stand trial for tax fraud after the state lawyer representing Spains Inland Revenue successfully argued that both the players father Jorge Horracio and the player himself should be called to take the stand.

Over in Portugal the front pages are celebrating the national team’s qualification for next summer’s European Championship with squad celebration pictures plaster across A Bola and Record on Friday.

Tuttosport report that Juventus want to sign Bernardo Silva (right) from Monaco andDavy Klaassen from Ajax

Cristiano Ronaldo and Co beat Denmark 1-0 on Thursday night thanks to Joao Moutinho strike to seal their place in the tournament in France as the nation woke up to the headlines: ‘Gentlemen of the Euro

Another Portuguese player is on the front page(, but in Italy this time. Tuttosport are reporting that Juventus want to sign talented youngster Bernardo Silva from Monaco.

Share or comment on this article Read More

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Federal agents impersonated computer technicians to collect evidence in sports betting probe, lawyers say

Investigators eventually gained access after they turned off the Internet connection to two suites, impersonated repair technicians and recorded video inside. Natalie Collins, a spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Daniel Bogden, said prosecutors were aware of the allegations being made by defense lawyers but declined to comment, citing a pending trial.

“They were trying everything they could to get inside without a warrant,” Goldstein told the AP.

“Police are allowed to use a certain kind of subterfuge, but what they can’t do is create a certain kind of circumstance,” Rasch said.

. law, a person whose property is inspected generally must waive his constitutional protections against unreasonable searches unless authorities obtain a warrant. Evidence collected improperly is not supposed to be used at trial.

WASHINGTON –  Federal agents turned off Internet access to three luxury villas at a Las Vegas hotel then impersonated repair technicians to surreptitiously get inside and collect evidence in an investigation of online sports betting, according to defense lawyers challenging the practice.

The FBI in Las Vegas referred questions about the practice to the U.S. Attorney’s Office there. Prosecutors did not mention in the criminal complaint what caused the Internet outages.

The FBI employed the ruse against the recommendation of an assistant U.S. The Drug Enforcement Administration set up a fake Facebook account using photographs and other personal information it took from the cellphone of a New York woman arrested in a cocaine case in hopes of tricking her friends and associates into revealing incriminating drug secrets. The AP on Tuesday objected that the FBI’s practice was “unacceptable” and “undermined AP’s credibility.”

A former federal prosecutor, Mark Rasch, said the ploy probably will not stand up in court.

In a criminal complaint, federal authorities described him as a high-ranking member of the 14k Triad, a Chinese organized crime group.

In the gambling case, Wei Seng Phua, his son Darren Wai Kit Phua, Seng Chen Yong and Wai Kin Yong and four others were arrested in July after federal agents raided the three high-roller villas at the hotel.

Defense lawyer Thomas Goldstein said lawyers learned about the ruse only when they reviewed the video recordings and heard an official make reference to turning off the Internet access.

Over two days in early July, FBI agents worked with a hotel computer contractor and the state’s gaming control board to shut off the Internet at different times and at one point delivered a laptop computer to try to see what was happening, according to the court filing. They filed a motion late Tuesday in federal court in Las Vegas to dismiss evidence in the case.

The case was at least the third to surface in recent weeks raising questions about tactics by federal agents pursuing criminal investigations. According to a conversation recorded by an investigator for the hotel, the prosecutor told FBI agents “it was a consent issue,” the lawyers said.

According to the criminal complaint in the gambling case, the eight men came to the attention of authorities in late June after they requested “an unusually large amount of electronics equipment and technical support.” An electrical engineer employee advised security personnel at the hotel that the equipment in one of the villas “appeared to be set up for an illegal gambling operation.”

Goldstein said Wei Seng Phua also denied that allegation, which he said had nothing to do with the criminal case in Nevada.

All eight face charges of transmission of wagering information, operating an illegal gambling business, and aiding and abetting. None of defendants has entered a plea, but Goldstein said Tuesday they all deny wrongdoing.

Wei Seng Phua, 50, also faces charges of running an illegal sports gambling business in Macau. He was arrested in the Chinese gambling enclave on June 18 and flew to Las Vegas a few days later.

Under U.S. Authorities later used the videos to obtain a warrant to arrest the men.

In the criminal complaint, federal agents said the videos showed evidence of an illegal online sports gambling operation being run out of the villas. attorney, Kimberly Frayn, according to lawyers for four of eight men charged in the case. In another case, the FBI sent a fake news story it attributed to The Associated Press to trick a suspect in a bomb-threat case into clicking on the website link and revealing his location Read More

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Movie Review – The Sting with Robert Redford and Paul Newman (1973)

 Gondorff won $15,000.

                                                                Paul Newman – Wikimedia


                                                            $1000 Bill – Wikimedia

A Tip on a Horse Race

The Big Con

Hooker Befriends Lonnegan


When he met Henry Gondorff, Hooker learned about an elaborate scheme which Henry has used in which he sets up a phony betting parlor with a phony caller relaying the races and their outcomes that are occurring throughout the country.  Through the help of an insider at the Western Union office, the fake betting parlor received the results before the rest of the world, and was able to pass the information on to special customers of the betting parlor.  A group of men who were friends of Luther played the staff and customers of the betting parlor.

Gondorff Gets a Seat at the Poker Table



Hooker’s Life is in Danger



The night before the Sting, Hooker visited a waitress named Loretta at her apartment.  The next day, she approached him on the street and was shocked when a black-gloved man appeared and shot the waitress.  He informed Hooker that Loretta had a gun and was about to shoot him, but Gondorff had hired the black-gloved man to look after Hooker.





We are first introduced to grafter Johnny Hooker (Robert Redford) who worked closely with his friend and mentor Luther Coleman (Robert Earl Jones).  They managed to fleece a character of $11,000, which confirmed Luther’s decision to retire from the con game.  He recommended that Hooker should meet Henry Gondorff in Chicago who would introduce him to the “Big Con.”  Regrettably, the man they fleeced was a henchman of crime boss Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw).  A corrupt police officer, Lieutenant William Snyder (Chares Durning) was a friend of Lonnegan and demanded that Hooker return the $11,000.  When Johnny Hooker gave him an envelope filled with toilet paper rather than paper money, Lonnegan had Luther Coleman murdered in revenge.  Hooker left town and went to Chicago to look up Henry Gondorff.

When Gondorff left the game, Hooker was able to get his seat at Lonnegan’s table, and introduced himself as Kelly.  He made up a story and told Lonnegan that he wanted to take over Shaw’s operation and could use Lonnegan’s help in doing so.  Kelly told Lonnegan that Shaw had his $20,000 because he sent a woman to steal his wallet.  Kelly had a plan to get Lonnegan’s money back.  Lonnegan agreed to meet Kelly at Klein’s Drug Store the next day.

Lonnegan and his henchman Floyd showed up at the betting parlor.  The games had begun.  J.  In the first game, Lonnegan raised with two pair, but Gondorff beat him by showing three tens.  Henry Gondorff’s girlfriend Billie (Eileen Brennan) was on the train and managed to steal Doyle Lonnegan’s wallet containing $20,000, and to drop it in Hooker’s lap as she passed through his car. J.  In the second game, Lonnegan’s bodyguard Floyd somehow managed to stack the deck of cards in order to give Lonnegan four 9′s and give Gondorff four 3′s which caused both of them to build up the pot.  When Gondorff showed his hand, though, he had four jacks, beating Lonnegan’s four 9′s, infuriating the other cheater. Singleton (Ray Walston) was the caller, set up in another room to simulate the real thing.  Lonnegan handed the teller his 500 grand, betting on “Lucky Dan” to win.  When the race was over, “Lucky Dan” came in second rather than first.  The caller at Klein’s Drug Store had told him to “place” his money on “Lucky Dan,” which meant to bet that the horse would come in second.  Lonnegan did not understand the subtle instruction.


This classic film has a complicated, yet refreshing, story to tell.  It helps if you know the game of Poker and the language of the confidence man, such as his calling his target or patsy “the mark.”  These episodes keep you on your toes and add to the enjoyment of this spectacular film.


“The Sting” was nominated for ten Oscars and won seven, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.  In addition, Scott Joplin’s song “The Entertainer” was used as the theme music in the film.  Pianist Marvin Hamlisch’s adaptation of the song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song Score and Adaptation.  It triggered a revival of Scott Joplin’s music which was written in the first decade of the 20th Century..



“Lucky Dan” Came in Second

                                                          Robert Redford – Wikimedia

When Lonnegan showed up at Klein’s, Hooker (Kelly) told him a guy would call the pay phone at Klein’s and would give him the name of a horse to bet.  Hooker gave Lonnegan $2000 to bet on the horse.  The phone caller told Lonnegan to play Blue Note to win the 5th race at Narraganset.  He came with his “apes” to the betting parlor and placed his bet.  Blue Note won by a nose and paid 7 to 1.

Now that he had Lonnegan’s trust, Hooker invited him back to the betting parlor, where Lonnegan brought $500,000, which at 4:1 would make him two million dollars on a race that had already been run.  At Klein’s Drug Store, Lonnegan got the phone call telling him to place his money on “Lucky Dan” in the 3rd race at Riverside Park.

“The Sting” reunited Robert Redford and Paul Newman who starred in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” four years previously.  They act so well together; sometimes it just takes a nod, a wink, or a smile to bring each other’s character to life.

                                                        Eileen Brennan – Wikimedia

All hell broke loose.  The FBI was involved and the corrupt policeman, Lieutenant Snyder was also there.  Gunfire was part of the action.  The ending, the “Real Sting,” will not be revealed here.  It was such a fun movie to watch.  It has never lost its charm, and its equal has never been seen on the screen.



In order to lure Doyle Lonnegan to the Read More

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​Quidditch, the sport of wizards

Instead, they simply hold a broomstick between their legs. This is gonna be so dumb!’”


Thousands are playing an earthbound version of the game introduced by Harry Potter – and broomsticks are still a necessity.

Who would have thought this sport would catch on? Well, even before any of the eight blockbuster Harry Potter movies were made, author J.K. And they try to ignore it and block it out. We like to pump up the crowd.”

Dignified? Note the ball in a sock hanging off each butt. “We like to do a lot of fun stuff. But it’s one of those things — you can’t fight it. Eleven years later, the game is played by thousands of athletes all over the world, although players are often asked some unusual questions, like “What is the snitch? ” “Do you wear a cape?” “How do you fly?” “Do you really use brooms?”

It’s even been the subject of a documentary called “Mudbloods” (a Harry Potter reference, of course).

And now Potter-mania has spawned another craze, one based on the high-flying fantasy game played by Harry and his friends called Quidditch, which has now jumped from the world of wizards to the playing fields of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

CBS News

. He’s been playing since 2005, when a classmate at Middlebury College turned to him with an idea: “‘This weekend, we’re gonna try and play real-life Quidditch,’” Benepe recalled. Snatching that “Snitch sock” still ends the game, but getting hold of it can be a real challenge.

The documentary introduces Alex Benepe, one of the founders of Quidditch. “They try to fight it. It’s really cool!”

For more info:

The movie laid out the game, with its wizards on broomsticks (“It had to be on broomsticks, it just had to be,” Rowling reasoned), and giant hoops for goals.


Chasers try to score in a Quidditch match.

“My specialty is throwing and tossing [players],” said Nathan.

What does the future hold for the fastest-growing sport based on a fantasy series filled with wizards and magic wands? With a little help from the Quidditch Referee of the Year, Alex Scheer, Quidditch is going pro.

Quidditch, anyone? No idle question in Columbia, South Carolina, where a big championship match is underway this weekend. Rowling’s creation became the most popular book series in publishing history, with over 450 million copies sold — and one of the biggest movie franchises in film history, with nearly $8 billion in ticket sales.


So what is the point of having the broom between your legs, if you can’t fly?

Even with all these undeniable displays of athleticism, Quidditch still doesn’t get much respect. Dignified rodeo clown!”

But he and his girlfriend, Missy, claim since it’s co-ed, Quidditch is great for couples.

CBS News

Not so dumb after all. “‘Cause someone invented the sport and said, ‘You’ve gotta dribble a basketball.’ Why do you have to have a broom between your legs for this? Because it’s Quidditch!”

CBS News

“I can give her an assist; she can score a goal off my pass,” said Browne. Anna Werner attended last year’s contest, where she saw an author’s imaginary game come to life:

And does he enjoy it? “Yeah, you know, it’s therapeutic!” he laughed.

“Usually extroverted,” said Brian. Catch it, and you end the game! But in real-life Quidditch, snitches are yellow people.

It’s been nearly 20 years since the first Harry Potter book came out and proceeded to cast a spell over fans around the world. “I will be right at the front of the queue wanting to see Quidditch,” she said. “It’s awesome. J.K. “We were freshman. Rowling was ready to line up. Alex Browne and Missy Sponagle admit the broom thing takes some getting used to.

“A little bit like a rodeo clown?”

“You get a lot of people who resist Quidditch,” said Scheer. “It’s absolutely amazing!”

“People get passionate about it because they grew up with Harry Potter,” said one fan.

And yes, there will be Quidditch trading cards!

“Yeah, that’s actually not too far off. In the movie “The Internship,” Quidditch is a game that’s played for laughs.

“There are sports that are socially acceptable,” said Browne. Then there’s the role of that little golden ball with wings, called the Snitch. “Because I’ve seen this in my head for so many years, and actually that’s the one bit I REALLY want to see!”

Yes, real-world Quidditch, complete with players “riding” broomsticks.

He also addressed an obvious concern: “I think everyone recommends wearing a cup, and no one does.”

Earthbound Quidditch still has hoops and balls. It’s coming!”

“Quidditch has exploded into the college scene and the high school scene all over the world,” said one girl. Sadly, players can’t fly. And I just thought to myself, ‘There’s no way this is gonna work. “And for whatever reason, Quidditch isn’t socially acceptable yet.”

“I am working with a group of individuals on starting the first professional Quidditch league,” Scheer said.

So, is there a personality type for Snitches?

“You know, why do you have to dribble a basketball?” replied Browne Read More

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Sports betting vs. the stock market: Which is riskier?

However, someone sinking $500 into Apple stock has little risk of losing that entire initial investment, especially in the short term. The stock might go up and down some, but it typically doesn’t go to zero.

Even the unlucky investors who jumped into the market at its peak in October 2007 eventually made their money back when stocks reclaimed their pre-recession levels in 2013.

All or nothing: Gambling on sports tends to be a zero-sum game.

The same can’t be said for those who bet big on the Denver Broncos last Super Bowl.

A stock can theoretically be held onto for an infinite amount of time, but a sports bet can end in the blink of an eye. For example, a stop-loss order instructs a broker to dump a stock when it tumbles below a specific price.

But take it from one person who has lots of experience in both worlds. Heck, even his commercials are funny.

“A lot of people regard investing as gambling, but I frequently say no. Gambling on football star Peyton Manning to win might seem like a safe bet, especially compared with picking winners in the stock market.

Those are pretty good odds. People often invest in funds that buy dozens or even hundreds of stocks, which helps reduce the risk. Gambling on sports may be more fun, but it’s definitely a more risky use of money than putting it in the stock market. And of course, they both hate to lose.

That’s the percentage of time that Stovall’s research shows the S&P 500 — the gold standard in the stock market — has increased in value during the years since 1926.

CNNMoney (New York) First published August 31, 2014: 8:14 AM ET

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“You’re making a wager based on some facts and some intuitions.

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Investors also have the ability to spread their money out among many stocks.

In the long run, investors have the chance to make more money because there are fewer downside risks. While many stocks offer steady returns, investors sometimes hit the jackpot (think: buying Apple back in early 2009 or Tesla in 2012). A bettor gambling on the Green Bay Packers will instantly lose his or her entire $500 bet if Aaron Rodgers and his teammates fail to win or cover the spread.

“You can hold onto your betting tickets all your life, but you’re not going to get squat,” said Stovall.

Such hedging tools are not as readily or even feasible to sports gamblers, Fine said.

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Gamblers and investors also have far different time horizons. Which casino in Atlantic City, Las Vegas or Macau pays the bettor 73% of the time?” said Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at S&P Capital IQ. And in neither instance can you be guaranteed to be correct,” said Randall Fine, managing director of The Fine Point Group, one of the casino industry’s largest consulting firms.

At the same time, investing in stocks actually carries higher upside potential.

They both believe they can predict the future, and they sometimes fall into the trap of making decisions with their hearts instead of their brains.

“Betting is more difficult and riskier,” said one resident of Hoboken, New Jersey, who bets on illegal gambling sites and also invests in stocks.

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The betting appeal: Americans bet an estimated $380 billion each year on sports.

And investors have greater access to tools that can minimize the risk of losing money.

To put it another way, the stock market is a lot more forgiving than the MGM Grand (let alone your local sports bookie). It’s easy to see why fans may be tempted to gamble on their favorite teams and athletes.

“A large, steady company has a low chance of plummeting and causing you to lose all your money, but even Peyton Manning doesn’t cover the spread sometimes,” he said. He asked for his identity to be withheld due to legal concerns.



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Terms & Conditions apply

NMLS #1136

But don’t let those similarities fool you.

Manning is really, really good at what he does for a living Read More

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Horse Blogs A Large List

Doris gave me permission to repost her huge list here. Also if you know of some nice horse blogs that I have missed please leave their URL and Title in the comments. Please read the comments to find more horse blog sites. Clifford is the star of the true horse story, “Clifford of Drummond Island” and the sequel, “Return to Manitou.” What started out as bloglike ramblings became a book, so never underestimate the power of the written word!”Great horse books and loved her dog ebook too.” – Joni Solis

Riding & Writing…An international blog about horses, writers, authors, books, equestrians, artists, poets, poems, and more horses…

Horse Business Blogs

Dressage Horse Blogs

Horse Breeder Blogs

Horse Health Blogs

Horse Photography Blogs

Off Track EX-Racehorse Horse Blogs

Clicker Training for Horses Blogs

Horse Training and Equestrian Riding Blogs

Horse Sports Blogs

General Horse Blogs

Well I think that the first step should be to check out and read some postings at a few horse blogs that relate to whatever you are passionate about with horses.

If you read my post “Five good reasons why you should start a blog” I gave you a few reasons for starting a blog for your horse business. She also would love if you’d check out her equestrian blog too.

. And I have added to it too. You may have thought, “Hey that sounds like a good idea, but where to start, what to write about, and how do I pick out my blog categories”?

Note that some of these links below will open in a new browser window.

Related articles

Horse Blogs

I did a some quick Internet surfing and found this wonderfully large and varied Horse Blogs List at the Bridlepath blog. Thanks!

Horse Art Blogs

Horse Book Author and Writing Blogs

Cliffy’s Mom’s Blog By the shores of Gitchee Gumee by the shining Big-Sea-Water, came a little red horse! …Or something like that. It is been a while since I first started this list of horse blogs so if you find any broken links or blogs that you think should not be here please let me know about them in the comments below or by contacting me through my contact page Read More

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Robin Roberts News Stories and Articles

She began contributing to the morning program in June 1995 and has worked in broadcasting for more than 20 years.

From 1990 to 2005, Roberts was a contributor to ESPN, where she was one of the network’s most versatile commentators. In April 2012, Roberts collaborated with her mother Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts in “My Story, My Song: Mother-Daughter Reflections on Life and Faith” published by Upper Room Books. She was voted the ‘Most Trusted Person on Television” by a Reader’s Digest poll in 2013.

Roberts began her broadcasting career while in college at WHMD/WFPR Radio in Hammond, LA, where she was the sports director. November 2014 marked her fifth year hosting the popular special.

In 1983 Roberts graduated cum laude from Southeastern Louisiana University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications. Her assignments there included hosting “SportsCenter” and contributing to “NFL PrimeTime.” She began hosting “In the Game with Robin Roberts” in May, 2012, an eight episode program with Roberts carrying on intimate conversations with groundbreaking women and men in sports. Five years later, she was faced with another health battle. Her headline-making interviews include President Barack Obama on his support of gay marriage, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, First Lady Michelle Obama, Amanda Knox, US women’s soccer star Hope Solo and NBA Superstar LeBron James. She has also conducted interviews with countless musicians, authors, athletes and celebrities.

In March 2007, Roberts’ first book, From the Heart: 7 Rules to Live By, was published by Hyperion. In the days following, she traveled to the hurricane zone and reported live amid the devastation of the storm. She also served as a special assignment sports reporter for KSLU-FM in 1982.

Her courageous and public battle has been recognized with awards and honors from organizations around the country, including The Susan G. 2, Love&Politics.

Roberts launched her new production company, Rock’n Robin Productions in September 2014, which creates original broadcast and digital programming for ABC and other networks, ranging from informational shows and documentaries, to lifestyle reality series and live special events. She also worked as a sports anchor and reporter at WLOX-TV in Biloxi, MS from 1984 to 1986 and WDAM-TV in Hattiesburg, MS from 1983 to 1984.

Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2007. She reported live from Washington, DC on Inauguration Day and was the first journalist to interview President Barack Obama after he was sworn in as President.

Roberts was named co-anchor of “Good Moring America” in May 2005. Roberts underwent a bone marrow transplant in September of that year, her sister Sally-Ann was a perfect match. Komen Foundation, The Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program, and Gilda’s Club, a non-profit organization founded by the late Joel Siegel. The company’s website, features behind the scenes footage and photos from all of Roberts’ various projects as well as a new blog, N’Courage, where Roberts and her staff recognize individuals who despite extraordinary odds have the courage to thrive and encourage others to do the same.

In 2001, Roberts was named a “Louisiana Legend” by Louisiana Public Broadcasting. During her senior season, she averaged a career high 15.2 points per game. Roberts was also honored with a George Foster Peabody Award, Gracie Award and CINE Award for “Robin’s Journey,” reports on her MDS that inspired hundreds of potential bone marrow donors to register. She also launched “GMA” Gets It Done,” a year-long effort to rebuild her hometown of Pass Christian, Mississippi. In 1994 she was inducted in the Women’s Institute on Sport and the Education Foundation’s Hall of Fame.

In 2014, Roberts was honored with the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, was inducted into the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame, and named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year. She is also active as a speaker for charity and civic functions.. Additionally, Roberts was recognized with the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY’s in July 2013 for the strength and courage she has displayed throughout her life and career.

Robin Roberts is co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America.” Under her leadership, the broadcast has won four Emmy Awards for Outstanding Morning Program.

In February 2009, Roberts made her red carpet debut as co-host of the ABC Television Network’s Oscar pre-show, reporting live from the 81st annual Academy Awards. An updated version of the book, including an additional chapter on her battle with breast cancer, was released in 2008. Her exclusive interview with Cleveland kidnapping survivors Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus aired in April 2015 and interview with Taya Kyle, wife of American Sniper Chris Kyle, aired in May 2015. Roberts story triggered an outpouring of support from across the nation. In fact, to honor Roberts, the University retired her jersey in February 2011 and in 2012, Roberts was named an inductee to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

When not traveling around the world covering breaking news events, Roberts is at “GMA’s” studio in Times Square conducting interviews with a diverse group of newsmakers. In June 2012, she was diagnosed with MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome, a disease of the blood and bone marrow once known as pre-leukemia. She has also been on the Hollywood Reporter’s New York Power List multiple times. She was also a morning personality on WVEE-FM, Atlanta’s top-rated morning show. She was also named to the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Advisory Board in January 1998, a board that includes Henry Kissinger, William Simon, Christine Whitman and Lamar Hunt. She has traveled to Brussels with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; to the Middle East with former First Lady Laura Bush, who was on a mission to raise awareness about breast cancer in the Muslim world; to London for the historic wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton; to Africa with former President Bill Clinton for a first-hand look at the AIDS crisis in that part of the world; to Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake; to South Africa to report on the World Cup; and to St. She has returned Read More

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Sports Betting: How to Bet Parlays

The chances of the a good baseball team with its ace pitcher on the mound defeating a mediocre opponent are going to be greater than 50 percent and the payout if the parlay hits will reflect this.

Bettors should stick with straight bets when betting against the point spread or totals as it’s difficult enough to pick one winner, let alone two or more games and the odds you are asked to try and beat are nearly impossible to overcome in the long run.

5 Hobbies That Give Your Brain a Workout. The ability to win a lot of money for a small bet is the primary reason parlays are popular with a number of sports bettors.

Money Line Parlays

Money line parlays do not use fixed odds, because the odds of winning vary greatly from team to team. Should the Cubs also win, the bettor has turned a $10 wager into $46. For example, the true odds of winning a three-team parlay when making point spread wagers are 7-1, while the payoff is only 6-1, and it gets worse as you bet more teams. The payoffs a bettor will receive should they win are quite different in the two. Contrast the $36 profit with the $26 profit a bettor winning a $10 point spread parlay on two teams would make. The difference in the payoff is because the Dodgers were not given very good odds of winning.

Are Parlays Good Bets?

The simple answer is no, especially parlays involving point spreads or totals. If the bettor places a $10 wager, they essentially would have a $10 bet on the Dodgers +160, which will return $26 should the Dodgers win, and then would have $26 on the Cubs -130. In parlays involving point spreads, the payoff are fixed, while money line parlay payoffs are determined by the odds of each team.

Point Spread Parlays

The odds on a typical parlay involving point spreads, including totals, are generally something like:


March 21, 2016.

By Allen Moody

Money line parlay payoffs are calculated on the odds of the game, so there is no advantage or disadvantage in playing them.

For example, say a bettor likes the Los Angeles Dodgers +160 and the Chicago Cubs -130. The true odds of hitting a 10-team point parlay are 1,023-1, while the payoff is generally around 600-1, so a parlay bettor is at a big disadvantage.

Sports Betting – How to Bet Parlays

Parlays are by far the most popular of the exotic wagers, as they offer the potential for a big payout from a small wager. Simply stated, a parlay is a collection of two or more sides or totals that you bet on and all of them must win in order for you to win your bet.

2 teams 13-5

3 teams 6-1

4 teams 10-1

5 teams 25-1

6 teams 40-1

7 teams 75-1

8 teams 150-1

9 teams 300-1

10 teams 600-1

To read more about parlays, see Parlay Cards, Finding Correlated Parlays or Betting Baseball Parlays.

To put it in simple terms, money line parlays take the amount of your bet and place all of the money on one team and if that team wins, recalculates your bet amount on the next team, again placing your entire wager on that team.

continue reading below our video

There are basic types of parlays, those wagered against the point spread and those wagered using the money line. All of your bets must win, or at least tie, in order for you to win.

What this means is that a bettor making a wager on a five-team parlay stands to win $25 for every $1 if all of their games win, while a correct eight-parlay will payout $150 for every $1 wagered. While a parlay made against the point spread assumes a 50-50 chance for each team of winning, money line parlays do not. The odds of the payoff are much less than the true odds. If you place a four team parlay, going 3-1 is no different than going 0-4 Read More

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5 myths of sports betting legalization

4: It will damage the sports betting business in Las Vegas

Silver echoed this sentiment when discussing his personal revelation in an exclusive interview with ESPN. I am concerned that the overall pie, even with online gambling, may not be large enough for the leagues to make the money they are hoping for.

There is simply no way the leagues could ask for a percentage piece of gambling revenue, as this would result in a huge conflict of interest.

Here’s an example. 2: It will create more “problem gamblers”

When I think about the best way to legalize sports gambling from a logistical standpoint, I get a headache. But let’s say I have a bad losing streak and end up down more than $1,000. In order to grow the pie large enough, these conveniences must be provided to gamblers. There are going to be a lot of hands in the cookie jar. If something shady were to occur in a game around a betting proposition, raised awareness by the public about gambling in general would help highlight any improprieties before, during and after the match.

“One of the things that makes sports betting so interesting is that it is probably by far the most widely participated in form of illegal gambling. However, there are certainly some myths that I believe can be dispelled.

I see the same trend happening if sports betting gets legalized in the U.S. In addition, customers are far more inclined to place a wager when they don’t have to put any money down.

Here are the top five myths about legalizing sports betting and why they’re wrong:

My answer is a solid maybe. operation for the U.K. 1: It will result in large revenue for the leagues

At any rate, I really don’t see legalized sports betting in other states having a big impact on the sports betting business in Vegas.

Las Vegas sports book operators are already looking to expand to other states. Those who believe that legalized sports betting will lead to more risk of game fixing simply don’t understand why games are fixed. 5: It will create greater risk for game fixing

The thought process here is that with legalized sports betting available locally, there will be less interest in making the trek to Sin City to wager on sports. How will it be regulated? How involved will the government be? Will it be federal enforcement or on a state level?

Since bookies will not have to pay taxes or licensing fees, they will be able to offer better margins or incentives to their customers. “But for the FBI knocking on our door and notifying us about Donaghy’s betting, none of the systems that we then had in place had captured any betting by Tim Donaghy.”

Those who believe this simply don’t understand how sports betting with a bookie works.

Myth No. Concerts, shows, high-end nightclubs and restaurants draw people to Vegas as much as the gambling does. I will likely have to put money on deposit to do so. It’s a pretty reasonable assumption that it’s easier to fix a game in an environment where most of the money wagered is impossible to discover or track by the government. Sen. Purdum, an expert on the subject, has been vocal in his belief that online sports gambling will need to be a big part of the new legalization plan, and I share his belief, as betting on a phone and computer is simply much more convenient than driving to a brick-and-mortar sports book and making a wager. Legalized sports betting would elevate these now somewhat esoteric notions into the mainstream conversation about sports. In the past two decades, although total revenue has risen, percentage of revenue from gambling has decreased from close to 60 percent to last year’s 38 percent. If it’s legalized, there will be huge changes, but some assumptions are simply off.

In the most relevant case, CBC, the parent company of CDM Sports, a fantasy provider, sued MLBAM after being denied a new fantasy sports license. This year, it is on pace to welcome a record 40 million visitors. Say I set up an account with Legal Sportsbook A. This is not how most bookies work. U.S. First off, the government will only legalize if it is going to get significant revenue. These days, most bookies provide both a phone number and website where bets can be made. Whyte, executive director of the NCPG, told my ESPN colleague David Purdum.

Myth No. This mirrors a similar concern that some had 25 years ago when Indian and commercial casinos began sprouting up all over the U.S.

Furthermore, once sports betting becomes legal the negative stigma behind it will eventually disappear, which will make it a bit easier for problem gamblers to ask for help. “The Donaghy controversy also made me aware how important it is that we have a way of monitoring irregular activity on our games,” Silver said. The two biggest reasons people bet with bookies (beyond the lack of alternatives) are the convenience and the line of credit. Many bookies will allow me to get more credit and continue to gamble. John McCain (R-Ariz.) also recently said that Congress needs to hold hearings to discuss legalizing sports betting.

While it seems that the question of legalizing sports betting presently is more of an if than a when, there remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding what it would look like. District Court Judge Mary Ann Medler ruled in favor of CBC, stating that “statistics are part of the public domain and can be used at no cost by fantasy companies.” One would infer that the same would apply to legal bookmaking operations.

In that time span, we all know that Vegas has flourished. Are fewer people gambling because they can do it in their home state?

Myth No. Since sports gambling is currently something that happens in the shadows, problem gamblers are likely to hide in that shadow until Read More

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Negative Effects of Gambling

Forget satisfaction or peace, it is not even refreshing in the real sense. The National Council of Problem Gambling (NCPG) describes this type of gambling behavior as problem gambling.

? According to a study by the George State University, 50% of the problem gamblers commit crime. The addiction robs a gambler of all the productive time and leads to loss of efficiency at work. Thus, gambling can have a grave economic impact which is difficult to reverse.

Initially, one looks at gambling as a way to run away from life’s problems, or from stress, anger, and loneliness. Some take to substance abuse to supplement the high they get from winning huge sums while gambling. The greed never ends and they keep betting more and more. According to the National Research Council, 10 to 17% of the children of problem gamblers have been abused and so have 25 to 50% of the partners of problems gamblers.

? Addiction to gambling has been linked with substance abuse. In the following sections of this Buzzle article, we discuss the negative effects of gambling on the individual and society.

? A majority of those addicted to gambling have substance abuse disorders.

? They start borrowing money and take secret loans. Sports betting and arbitrage betting are the other types. The addiction gets on to the gamblers to such an extent that they fail to think wisely before acting. Some go that way to forget the sorrow of losing big sums when gambling.

? Substances of abuse are served at casinos and in pubs and clubs, thus increasing the likelihood of gamblers consuming them. They tend to stay away from their near ones, resulting in distrust between them and their loved ones.

Gambling = Thoughtless Expenditure + Waste of Time

? The costs of treating compulsive gamblers are huge. Six to eight million people in America are estimated to have a gambling problem.

? Problem gamblers and addicts tend to abuse their family members. The skill of a gambler lies in weighing the three parameters and making a decision about what amount should be staked and how much should be expected in return.

? The addiction to gambling can leave one in bankruptcy. Addiction to gambling, coupled with substance abuse can make the gamblers physically abusive towards their family. Their debt keeps building and it may reach an amount that exceeds their capacity to repay.

? Children of parents who are problem gamblers or gambling addicts tend to feel abandoned and angry, further increasing stress and leading to strained family relations.

? Gamblers often exhibit mood swings and a strangely secretive behavior. This proves to be detrimental to their social and family life. The stress of risking huge amounts of money or the frustration after losing it can increase the tendency of abuse in gamblers. Because of this, they land in worse situations and take the wrong decisions in life.

? Additionally, rehabilitation and public assistance systems are taxed.

? People who fall prey to gambling tend to remain away from their families and waste money on other bad practices. It causes a decline in his/her work performance, thus hampering his career.

? Studies show that children with a sibling or parent addicted to gambling, are more likely to take to substance abuse.

Mental and physical health problems, financial issues, and conflicts in the family are among the common negative effects of gambling. The effect is similar to that of having a drug or a drink, which is why gambling changes one’s mental state and mood.

You could be at gunpoint or holding the gun. It only leads to a thoughtless expenditure of money and valuables.

? Apart from absence at work and drop in efficiency, a common observation is that gamblers tend to steal money and engage in fraudulent behavior to recover from financial losses incurred when gambling, or to get more money to bet.

? As gambling leads to increased criminal activities, in a way, gamblers add to the burden on prisons and the legal system.

? Gambling can lead to criminal activities. It can drag you into crime, gambling isn’t fun.

? Similar to how an individual keeps consuming substances like drugs or alcohol to experience an altered mental state, he continues to gamble. When they lose the money they had risked, they further gamble to recover the lost amount and it becomes a vicious circle even they can’t escape from.

? Gambling has proven to be addictive. Over time, it becomes a habit, and eventually an obsession that can’t be overcome. On giving a serious consideration to the negative effects of gambling, we realize that it is best avoided.

Games offered in casinos, table games like poker, Red Dog, and Blackjack, as also electronic games like Slot Machine and Video Poker are some of the common types of gambling. The decision to gamble money is based on three parameters namely; how much to bet, the predictability of the event, and the conditions agreed upon, between the gamblers. In spite of the losses incurred, they continue betting. Thus, gambling practices cause a huge financial burden on the families of the affected and on the society at large.

? Gambling is practiced as a means of recreation. Card games, coin tossing, and dice-based games are some non-casino based forms of gambling. A study by the same university suggested that 73% of the individuals who are imprisoned are found to be problem gamblers.

? Research has shown that gambling can lead to harmful behavior in people. The addiction has negative effects on one’s physical and mental health and it proves to be detrimental to one’s social, personal, and professional life. The addiction leads people to continue with gambling irrespective of whether they earn or lose in the deal. Rehabilitating the gambling addicts needs money and time, and the process is not very easy. Due to lost mental peace, they may ill-treat their spouse and children. To add to the so-called merry atmosphere, gamblers often Read More

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Betting on Sports – 6 Winning Rules by Don Stark

Most people just don’t have the time to properly study things like past statistics, line moves, trends, angles, valuable lines, inflated numbers, and much, much more.

Rule #3 – Spend Some Time Shopping – This can be compared to shopping for a new car or even for groceries. Stick to straight action only. Since you’re reading this, you’re probably part of that majority. That gives you an automatic advantage over the bookie, so use it to the fullest extent. Whether you’re a recreational player or actually doing it solely for a profit, may you always have more winners than losers, and always remember to have a lot of fun along the way, but stick to the rules. Always look for the best prices or the best numbers. . If you’re on medication, drugs, or alcohol, or if you’re just in an upset or disturbed mood, be smart and don’t play until you’re back to 100%. Yes, you can bet a 3-team parlay, and if you win, it normally pays in the vicinity of 6 to 1 in football and basketball. To be done properly (and profitably), here are some very crucial rules one must follow.

Rule #5 – Perform Due Diligence – As a bettor, you normally have the opportunity to do research well in advance of having to make that final decision on a wager. Research several sports books thoroughly and compare the numbers. If you’re serious about winning more bets than you lose, you should listen to a professional.

Rule #2 – Never Gamble Under the Influence – To coin a phrase, “Speak when you’re drunk and you’ll probably make the biggest speech you’ll ever live to regret.” The same sensible theory applies to betting on sports. Over the course of a year, that ½, 1, or even 2 point difference will come into play many times, and trust me…it will add up to a lot of money.

Rule #4 – DO NOT Play Parlays or Teasers – Parlays, teasers, and other exotic wagers are offered for a reason. It’s a proposition for losers only, so don’t do it. One of the best ways to win at sports wagering is to maybe find your own special niche and then follow it closely. Never wager more than you can afford to lose, so be honest with yourself on what you can comfortably set aside for recreation or otherwise.

People all over the world love to bet on sports. Drugs (legal or otherwise) and alcohol can cloud your judgment and will lead you into making decisions that you normally wouldn’t make. The payoff odds and point spreads are not carved in stone throughout the industry, and on any given day, they can vary greatly between different shops. Hook them all together in a parlay and you must win all 3, or you’re sunk. Watching ESPN and/or reading opinionated articles by sports writers on the Internet is not the proper way to do your homework.

Rule #1 – Use Proper Money Management – This rule is the one that is most neglected and explains why Vegas keeps on building all of those multi-billion dollar casinos. Secondly, never wager more than 2% of your total bankroll on any single wager. Then, before making your wager(s), check each book and always take the best number on your particular event. If betting on sports is more than just a recreational pastime, or if you just don’t have the time or resources for Rule #5, seriously consider employing the services of a professional sports handicapper. After checking several well-established and solid options, decide on 2 or 3 of them, and then divide and deposit your initial bankroll equally amongst each one. If you bet 3 teams straight action and only win 2 of the 3, you’ve just made money. However, there is an elite third group out there who bet sports with one and only one purpose in mind…to make money. Whichever group you fall into, sports wagering must be treated the same as any other financial investment. For example, if you live in California and become an expert on the PAC 10, you can increase your chances of winning by focusing on just your niche. If you’re sick, you go see a doctor. Conversely, if you’re on a losing streak and the bankroll goes down, the size of your bets will decrease accordingly. To be successful at anything, your mind needs to be 100% clear and functional. If you set aside $1,000 for gambling, your individual bets should be in the $20 range and no more. Unexplainably, wins and losses often times run in streaks, so slowly increase your bets on a hot streak and back off on cold streaks. Stick with 2% and never double up and chase lost money.

Rule #6 – Seek a Professional – There is a wealth of valuable information available on the Internet but you have to take the time to do proper and thorough research. While some do it just for recreation or to make watching a TV game more exciting, there are others who will always wager on their favorite team or player, period. If it were really possible for anyone to consistently pick 3 out of 3, parlays (and teasers) wouldn’t be offered by the sports books. If you’re winning, the 2% per wager automatically increases as your bankroll increases Read More

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